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How can I be of service? Chinese Medicine offers an enormous range of methods to diagnose and treat all types of disease and illness. The principles which guide healers in their choice of treatment methods may vary according to their skill and preference. So one can truly say there is an Art to Chinese medicine, as many points and herbs are useful to treat many different symptoms. Frequently there are many methods that will work for any given patient too. However, as a healer’s skills grow and if careful attention is applied to the symptomatic pattern, including the patient’s preferences, the best course of treatment may be found.

As the scope of treatment for Chinese Medicine in the past has been supremely wide we can understand that it is a complete system of healing with strengths and weaknesses the same as any other health care system. Urgent or life-threatening health concerns are best treated by a call to 911, since Western methods of surgery, imaging and monitoring with machines can vastly improve health outcomes. But for more chronic issues, that may need specialized care, Chinese medicine has many advantages over Western medicine. Chinese Medicine has traditionally been known to assist in healthy aging or long-term geriatric care. The phrase “ancient Chinese secret” conjures images of wonder, power, and magic, but really this is under valued science based on Taoist observations of Nature applied to the human body. Other strengths of Chinese Medicine include treating women’s health and ensuring both male and female fertility. Often, patients will seek acupuncture services for some difficult to treat conditions because Western care offers no alternative to standard treatments. Often these standard treatments fail to address the issue, or they may cause undesirable side effects, and possibly make the situation even worse. Most people assume that acupuncture is only effective in treating pain, but there is truly much more to it than that. Certainly, frequent use of acupuncture and Chinese herbs over one’s lifetime can help to keep the body in balance and harmony to avoid illness and promote optimal health.

What Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Services Do for You?

Chinese Herbal Formulas and acupuncture have served people for thousands of years and many of these classical herbal combinations are still used today. Frequently they will be modified to suit individual constitutions or used in combination with other formulas to address complex presentations. But the use of single herbs is often not as potent. Lacking that synergistic effect that comes with combining other herbs, too much of a single herb may even interfere with a treatment that seeks to promote harmony and balance. So, if you do take herbs or supplements already, be sure to mention that during your health history intake so that we can address how it might interact with your treatment. Without a doubt, health begins with Nutrition and is greatly affected by our Lifestyle. Often times, it seems we have little choice to make and if our food is not ideal or our lifestyle too stressful, our health begins to suffer and this begins a downward spiral that ultimately does not end well. Therefore, we need to take every precaution to protect our greatest resource: our health. That’s what Chinese Medicine can do for you and help you take your health further. In addition to being mindful of proper exercise, nutrition, and avoiding dangerous or unhealthy activities, the crucial link to support your lifestyle, heal your accidents and restore vitality is with Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, herbs, and massage.

What other treatment applications are available with Chinese Medicine?
Moxibustion is a popular treatment application in China which involves burning Mugwort (called moxa or moxie rolls) to warm certain acupuncture points. It is most effective at treating those conditions which do not respond as well to acupuncture, although acupuncture and moxibustion are frequently used together. It is said in ancient texts that whatever acupuncture cannot cure, moxa can cure. Perhaps this axiom reveals part of the ancient Chinese secret? It might not be that much of a secret, but rather well applied common sense that the use of needling is superior for clearing heat from the body, while the gentle application of moxibustion warms stagnation due primarily to cold. Cupping and Guasha are other additional therapeutic applications which might be considered similar to manual therapy, but involve drawing stagnated blood from deep within the muscle belly to the surface of the skin in ways that most manual therapies do not. With manual therapy, Tuina means therapeutic massage and includes specialized techniques that many would describe as acupressure, but also includes techniques such as rolling and vibrating. I am also certified in massage techniques and offer treatment modalities such as Myofascia Release, Lymphatic Drainage, and Trigger Point Therapy. Often times in order to address difficult to move, long-standing stagnation or illness it is necessary to apply needle stimulation. One way to do this easily and painlessly is to do so with electricity. Electrical stimulation with acupuncture is increasingly more common these days, especially to treat stubborn, chronic pain, or even some cases of stroke and paralysis. If you have any questions about these or other treatment applications, feel free to contact me with your questions.

What conditions are treated by TCM?
Most conditions which are non-life-threatening are treatable with herbs and acupuncture with reasonable efficacy. The longer the body spends getting out of balance, however, the longer and more treatments it takes to return the body to optimal health in most cases. There are certain cases, where unfortunately acupuncture will have little benefit, but in those cases herbs and moxibustion may yet benefit. Traditional Chinese Medicine works by increasing the body’s vitality and ability to heal itself. Therefore, even in life-threatening conditions, as long as the emergency has been stabilized, the herbs, acupuncture, and other modalities which make up the body of Chinese Medicine do indispensable work to support the body in its healing. Acupuncture is well known for its effectiveness in treating pain, but it can also clear away excess heat, inflammation, fever, reduce phlegm, and restore sensation where there is numbness. I also specialize in treating cancer patients, assisting those with renal failure, auto-immune disorders, digestive issues, rashes, burns, and other skin conditions too. Contact me for a phone consultation and ask how I can help you make positive changes to your health today.

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